About Vinayak Law College

About Vinayak Law College

There are courses that teach law and make you learn about the legal machinery available then there are courses that teach you law in context of an emerging society. Run of the mill law courses have fallen grossly short of preparing students to face actual real world and in-court situations. With the inclusion of clinical legal education, practical training and exposure of students to the actual situation, the five year integrated law course of Vinayak Law College enjoys a distinct position. Admission is given on merit to high school students with an initial base formed via the History of India, the Legal History of India, Economics, Sociology and Political Science in order to understand the functioning of the state. Understanding how the law used to be run and how it currently runs is critical in order to shape the law to come.

This course paves way for law graduates for virtually every single arm practicing the law, be it in any form. The idea is to prepare a student for the world that is yet to come.